Pallet Pool Ideas

Putting in a professional pool can be costly and a ton of work. If you are looking for something a little simpler and more cost effective then pallet pool ideas help to found solution for you from recycled pallet wood.

Pallet Swimming Pool

This DIY pallet outdoor swimming pool leads to a rocking round swimming pool and also comes with a raised wooden deck to enjoy poolside sitting and fun! When using pallets, remember to always use heat treated NOT chemically treated pallets.

Pallet Swimming Pool Pallet Swimming Pool

Dumpster Swimming Pool

This New Orleans-based architect saw an abandoned dumpster, he didn’t cringe from the stench. Instead he saw opportunity and hauled the rancid container home. Now turned that dirty dumpster into the ultimate backyard retreat swimming pool.

Dumpster Swimming Pool Dumpster Swimming Pool

Deep Pallet Wood Pool

Simply using the pallets to create the walls of the pool, he only had to place some at the basis, and some others on the perimeter cut to size, keeping the original shape of the pallets and fixing them very well together, since the weight of the water is so strong. Next the entire surface has been covered with a large single plastic layer, in order to avoid any leakage of water.

Deep Pallet Wood Pool Deep Pallet Wood Pool

Shipping Container Pool

If you can get your hands on a shipping container you might be able to pull off one of the coolest swimming pools I have seen on the internet for a very long time.

Shipping Container Pool Shipping Container Pool

Pallet Pool

I consider myself really handy but I don’t think I would be confident in tackling a DIY swimming pool. Take a look at this awesome DIY swimming pool and get started before summer is over!

Pallet Pool Pallet Pool

Pallet Hay Bale Swimming Pool

Outdoor swimming pools are as rare as a heat wave in this part of the world but these three lads came up with the perfect solution. By using bales of hay and some plastic, rope and water they’ve built the ideal pool for cooling down in the hot heat.

Pallet Hay Bale Swimming Pool Pallet Hay Bale Swimming Pool

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