Pallet Wood Great Furniture Ideas

Turn simple shipping pallets into stunning crafts for your home. With pallet wood ideas, you can finally personalize your space without having to spend a fortune on getting that perfect rustic chic look.

Pallet planters

Start a spring herb garden by filling up a wooden pallet with soil and compost and planting your seedlings. Make tags for your herbs to remember exactly what you have planted.

Pallet planters Pallet planters

Rustic flower pots

Lemon trees and olive trees exude that Mediterranean vibe we adore so much thus it seems only logical to try and complement the olive green with some gorgeous wooden pallet planters.

Rustic flower pots Rustic flower pots

Wooden deck and furniture

Lush vegetation and wood work perfectly hand in hand, the first taking gradually over the second one and embellishing it in the process.

Wooden deck and furniture Wooden deck and furniture

Sublime delicate Wedding décor

A wooden pallet background seen through a canopy of string lights is the perfect vision for a wedding decor. Add flowers to the mixture and the image is complete.

pallet wooden diy wedding background Awesom-Pallet-walls

Narrow work desk

Recycle the bottom part of an old table and spice it up with a wooden pallet top.

Narrow work desk Narrow work desk

Pallet Storage sofa

Merge functionality with style in this creative narrow pallet sofa perfect for the coffee area.

Pallet Storage sofa Pallet Storage sofa

Pallet Book Rack

Are you tired of having to display your books sideways, the classic way, and you just want to make sure that all your guests see the books in their full splendor? If so, then here is a plan that will help you create an outstanding DIY pallet book rack!

Pallet Book Rack Pallet Book Rack

Spice Rack and Coffee Curio

This corner spice rack and coffee curio might have sprang from the pages of a southeast Asian travel magazine. It’s a moderate to high level build but it can work wonders for your home decor.

Spice Rack and Coffee Curio Spice Rack and Coffee Curio

Photo Printed Wall Art on Wood

There are two ways to go about recreating this image. You can try to find an extended length pallet and deconstruct the photo so that it fits across every panel. Or you can take a pallet frame and strip off the flat planks. Then, you can layer the photos on the planks separately.

Photo Printed Wall Art on Wood Photo Printed Wall Art on Wood

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